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Want to contribute?
The time it takes to scan each and every catalog page, and prepare them for viewing, is astronomical.  Then there's the ongoing expense to actually purchase all of the publications.

If you can help me in my quest to offer the complete line of 1939 to 2005 Radio Shack Catalogs, sale flyers and promotional publications, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please consider a small PayPal donation.

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Want to contribute by donating or scanning a catalog or promotional material?
I still need to purchase a lot more RadioShack catalogs, sale flyers, and promotional publications, in order to complete Radio Shack's 65 year archive.

The catalogs indicated with a "WANTED" graphic
I don't have.

Do you have one of these catalogs?
Please email me

If you would like to contribute by scanning a catalog or promotional material:

 1.  The best option for me would be if you would take the time to scan the pages* of a RadioShack catalog that is shown as "WANTED".

* Page Scanning Requirements:
     - Full Size
     - True-Color
     - 200 DPI (or greater)
     - .JPG (JPEG) Format
     - Keep the pages as straight as possible

I can't use scans with dark areas in the middle (like you will get if you don't take the catalog apart prior to scanning.). 

 2.  If you have a catalog I don't own, but don't want to take the time to scan the pages, you can send me the catalog. The catalog would need to be carefully taken apart to get a good scan.

 3.  Another option is for me to simply purchase the missing catalog(s).  If you have a catalog for sale that I don't have, please let me know the year, condition, and how much you're asking.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is NOT affiliated, nor associated with Tandy / RadioShack Corporation, Allied Radio, or Allied Electronics in any way.  I only display printed material that was distributed free of charge by Tandy Corporation / RadioShack Corporation.

I kindly ask that you do not email me with offers to buy copies of the scanned pages on this website.  I can not sell them, nor do I make the pages available for download or printing.  This might border on copyright issues.  The purpose of this website is to make old RadioShack catalogs available for viewing, reminiscing and enjoyment.  ~Thank you.