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Circa 1970s: Radio Shack's Realistic Guide to 10-Codes and CB Slang (slide decoder #68-1032).  With this clever decoder, you pull the walkie-talkie’s telescopic antenna to slide the inner card (up or down) - then match a word or phrase with its meaning in CB Slang. For example: a "Plain Wrapper" is an unmarked police car.

The back of the card has Police 10-codes.   Any 10-code may be reversed by stating it as a question.  For example.  10-36?  Means, "What is the correct time?"


Grand Opening!  Radio Shack and Plus Computer Center's new store was held in conjunction with the grand opening of Oklahoma's newest mall, the Oakwood Mall in Enid, OK.


Radio Shack's "newly-remodeled" store
in Copperas, TX



See how Radio Shack's company logo significantly changed throughout its 90 year history.

1921 - 1940s

1940s  - 1950

1951  - 1955

1955  - 1959

1960 - 1962

1963 - 1966

1970 - 1973
After Radio Shack acquired the Allied Radio Corporation in 1970, their name was changed to Allied Radio Shack.  But in 1973, due to a federal court action, Radio Shack was ordered to divest itself from Allied Radio.
1973 - 1995
Bullet Hole Lettering

1983 - ?
Primarily used on computer products.

1995 - 2000
Stylized "R" and no space between "Radio" and "Shack". Also in 2000,
Tandy Corporation
changes its name to Radio Shack Corporation.

A very short-lived logo (As it appeared in a May 2001 RadioShack sale flyer.)

2001 - 2009
Modification to the "R" graphic.

August 6, 2009 - October 2011
A major change.  After almost 90 years,
RadioShack changes (rebrands) its name to "THE SHACK".

To promote the new name change, RadioShack developed "The Summer Netogether". Two massive 17 foot laptop computers were erected to kickoff the event.  One laptop was stationed at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, the other in Times Square, New York.  Event MCs and spectators were able to view and communicate with each other via a live video chat.  At the same time, Netogether was also promoted on the web.  Viewers could watch the live feed, meet a friend, or "Say Something" and watch their comment cascade past the screen.

Click to enlarge Netogether photos.

November 2011 - August 2013
Apparently, "THE SHACK" company name and logo didn't meet the objectives and/or expectations of the company.  Consequently, the company name was changed back to RadioShack and a familiar logo re-appeared.

September 2013 - today

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