1971 Allied Radio Shack Opens 1000th Store (214)

Allied Radio changed ownership in 1970 when Radio Shack's parent company (Tandy Corporation) bought both Allied Radio & Allied Electronics. The retail division was merged with Tandy's retail unit to become Allied Radio Shack, with the main office of both divisions moving to Fort Worth, Texas. But as a result of the merger, many major shopping centers would have two Allied Radio Shack stores competing for the same dollars. As a result, the former Allied Radio storefronts would fade away, with the former Radio Shack stores taking on both product lines (and the expense of the extra inventory.) This was in some ways a more difficult task as the original Radio Shack storefronts were typically smaller than the Allied Radio stores.

By 1973, due directly to federal court action, Tandy was ordered to divest itself of Allied Radio, but by that time with the purging of duplicate stock and closing of low volume stores, there was very little left to sell off, and the Tandy stores would once again bear the Radio Shack name. Twenty-seven stores in the mid-west were sold to Schaak Electronics of Minneapolis.

Since Tandy did not have a commercial-industrial supply division, Allied Electronics would continue as a "Division of Tandy Corporation" that served the manufacturing sector until the mid-1980s.  (Source: Wikipedia)

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