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Many computer users got their start with the TRS-80, the Tandy Color Computer,
or the Model 100 portable computer.Radio Shack's Tandy Model 100 portable computer.
This program looks at the role Radio Shack played in the early launch of personal
computers and the hordes of users who still love their old Tandy PCs. Featured
demonstrations include the Tandy 2500 SX/20, the Tandy 4033 LX, the GRiD 1550cd,
the GRiD 325sc. Also shown is the original Radio Shack TRS-80 and some of
the earlier cassette based software such as the Dancing Demon.

Guests include Vice-President of Tandy Computers: Howard Elias
and Leader of the Color Computer User's Group: Mark Paulson.

This video is part of the program series: The Computer Chronicles
Hosted by Stewart Cheifet, Computer Chronicles was the world's most popular
television program on personal technology during the height of the personal
computer revolution.

Original Broadcast: 1991   Episode: 921
Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs