The Magazine for Tandy Computer Customers
Published in the 1980s, Tandy's Answers  Magazine was a complimentary slick glossy magazine produced by Tandy Corporation for information on its variant line of home and business computers.

According to John Roach, Radio Shack's Chairman of the Board at the time, "As we see it...What do you do when problems keep you from achieving your objectives?  You look for answers.  This publication is named "ANSWERS" because it will show you some of the many ways in which microcomputers can be used to reach your goals. 

An important new concept in microcomputers is the "multi-user"; that is, more than one computer user sharing information on the same computer.  You can lookup current inventory status while the receiving department is posting incoming merchandise.  Or you can review your accounts payable status while others are entering new invoices.  Personal desktop computers have been great because you could do your own thing, but the "multi-user" permits your whole office to work together."

1984  CCF-984
1984  CCF-1084
1984  CCF-1184
1985  CCF-185
1985  CCF-285
1985  CCF-385
1985  CCF-1185
1986  ANS-886
1986  ANS-1186
1986  CCF-286
1987  ANS-287
1987  ANS-587
1987  ANS-887
1988  ANS-1288